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The main objective of Faculty of Science, Technology and Human Development is to establish and strenghten the Faculty’s capability to execute programmes in science,technology and human development at UTHM. To fulfil the MOHE aspiration, the Faculty attempts to produce human resources who are able to explore knowledge and conduct multidisciplinary research. Through knowledge exploration and research, the Faculty would be able to apply new information in the government sector, industry, and community efficiently and effectively. For this purpose, therefore, the Faculty objectives are as follows:

  1. Offer programmes in science, arts, islamic studies and heritage.
  2. Establish expertise network and strategic relationship by having more internationalization activities.
  3. Produce human resources who are well-mannered, have self-confidence, competitive, creative and innovative in generating and applying knowledge of science, arts, islamic studies and heritage.
  4. Practice quality teaching and learning approach based on student-centred and experiential learning.
  5. Act as a reference centre in science, arts, islamic studies and heritage by having smart partnerships between the faculty – the community – the industry for the purpose of prosperity in the community. 
  6. Plan staff professional development through continuous trainings and life-long learning. 
  7. Provide amenities and infrastructure to enhance intellectuality through research, publication and consultation activities. 
  8. Provide condusive environment that inculcates scientific, reflective, creative and innovative thinking among the academicians and students to produce new findings and apply knowledge.