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The Faculty of Science, Arts and Heritage was officially established in August 1 2009. The faculty is a merger between two former learning centres at UTHM namely Centre fotr Science Studies and Centre for Humanities and Communication Studies. FSSW is helmed by a Dean who are assisted by three Deputy Deans. Prof. Dr. Hashim Saim has been given the mandate to be the first Dean while his Deputy Deans are Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azme Khamis (Academic and Internationalisation), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hussain Othman (Research and Development) and Dr. Mohamad Zaky Noh (General Studies). There are two departments at the faculty which are Department of Science and Mathematics and Department of Humanities which are led Dr Tay Kim Gaik and Pn . Robijah Kamarulzaman respectively. The administration side on the other hand is led by Assistant Registrar, Pn. Nor Suhailah Mohamed.

FSSW boasts several learning labs including Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab as well Language and Multimedia Labs. These labs are fully utilised in teaching and learning of service subjects offered by the faculty that include Science, Mathematics, Islamic Studies, Languages and Social Science subjects. Besides these facilities, there is also proofreaading and translations services provided by the faculty under the Writing Unit.

         The faculty is gearing itself towards introduicing several new academic programmes that are expected to commence in 2011/2012. The programmes will encompass the PhD, masters as well as undergraduates levels. Furthemore, FSSW is also in the process of establishing four Centres of Excellence that will enhance research and consulation activities in the faculty.