Bachelor of Science (Food Technology) With Honours

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This program aimed to produce Food Technology graduates who will be expertinthe food production processes. The curriculum was designed to combine food science and technology knowledge. The technology process is described from farm to fork, covering all core the courses and focused to technology including bakery and packaging. This program also prepares graduates to further studies specifically in Food Technology and in other related field.

 This 4-year program runs under the Department of Technology and Heritage comprises 139 credits of courses including one (1) semester of industrial training. 

  • Cell Biology, Microbiology, Introduction to Food & Science Technology, Statistics for Technology, Food Microbiology, Food Chemistry, Physical Properties of Food, Food Biochemistry, Food Analysis I and II, Food Quality Assurance, Food Law and Regulation, Food Biotechnology, Food Safety and Toxicology, Nutrition, Community Nutrition, Food Product Development, Seminar Food Science and Technology, Final Year Project I and II.

  • Food Technology Unit Process I and II, Food Processing Technology I and II, Food Packaging Technology, Bakery Products Technology, Oil and Fat Technology, Snack and Confectionary Foods Technology.

  • Food Additives and Ingredients, Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals, Milk and Dairy Products Technology, Fruits and Vegetables Processing Technology, Cereals and Legumes Processing Technology, Meat, Poultry and Aquatic Products Technology.


  • Lecturer, Food Technologist, Science Officer, Food Development Officer, Quality Assurance Officer, Industry Enforcement Officer, Quality Control Manager, Food Product Designer, Entrepreneur, Food Consultant, Research Officer.